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When you are looking for authentic Kenyan porn, you absolutely need to check out the Kenya Adult Blog. You will find everything, from amateur videos and leaked sex tapes to celebrity nudes and sex scandals. And this is not just a sex tube where amateur videos are dumped without context. It’s a real blog, and […]
My twenties passed in a haze of loneliness and perpetual singleton. I first dated when I was twenty and when the relationship ended, I spent the next five years pining over a man who did not know how to treat me right and who took every advantage of my infatuation to come back whenever he […]
My Secret Affair With My Boss
The first thing I noticed about him was the constant mischievous twinkle in his hazel blue eyes. His jaw, strong and square, almost as if God used a chisel to curve to precision, portrayed an air of arrogant masculinity. He would throw his head back each time he laughed with a bellow that seemed to […]
Confessions of an escort
Life is a journey they say. Work hard, keep your head low, stay focused and it will all work out. Don’t forget that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Well, this is a story of how I made sweet Mulla from that bitter concoction. On one fateful night, I got kicked out of home […]
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My college days were unadventurous. I was the prim and proper girl who did nothing worth a second look. Having come from a remote town in Kiambu, I lived by the book, went to class, mass, and came to my dorm room for night studies and fantasies I intensely fought.  I had a few casual […]
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They call us “freaks” the nicer ones refer to us as “kleptos” while others take advantage of our predicament. We are the women who get the “Itch” at every turn. For us, sex is not just sex, it is a necessity.  Once is never enough and the cravings can plague us throughout the day which […]
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Dry-Fry Protection with Raha Condoms. It’s one of those dull days in Nairobi, and you have no plans whatsoever for the evening. You lie on the bed, idly twirling the Raha Condom pack that has been lying in your bottom drawer for two weeks. Bernice, your girlfriend for the past two years who prefers to […]
Kutombana Kenya: Where and How to Get The Best Kutombana Experience
Here at Nairobi Hot we connect you with the best and hottest Kenyan escorts who give the best kutombana Kenya experience. We only list the hottest and sweetest Kenyan call girls ready to make your night awesome. What is Kutombana Kenya? Kutombana is a Swahili word which means “to have sex”. The sex in reference […]

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