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Chips Funga by Choice: Confessions of a Nairobi Sex Addict

They call us “freaks” the nicer ones refer to us as “kleptos” while others take advantage of our predicament. We are the women who get the “Itch” at every turn. For us, sex is not just sex, it is a necessity.  Once is never enough and the cravings can plague us throughout the day which has often led to promiscuity since no man is ever able to satisfy us. The feelings start early and by the time we get to our twenties, the desire to fornicate is often as strong as the desire to breathe or exist. Most women go into the oldest trade due to unfavorable circumstances such as poverty but for us, joining this trade is probably the only way for us to get some form of reprieve.

I was raised in a Christian home where the “butt” was referred to as “bumbum” and sex was never spoken of. We grew up knowing that sex could only be enjoyed in matrimony complete with a ten-tier wedding cake. Kisses were the resolve of movies and hugs, well these were considered completely foreign.

When I was sixteen, my blood started boiling and by the time I hit seventeen, I could no longer hold off anymore. I lost my virginity to my class teacher draped over his table. Before long, he had turned me into his sex toy, a situation that continued until I completed high school. When I went to college, I started dating but I still found myself in compromising situations with strangers. The debauchery was so bad that even when I was caught out, I felt no remorse. I slept with my lecturers for grades or the fun of it and I slept with my classmates or anyone who fancied a piece.

I left college with my reputation in tartars and that is when I realized I needed to make a change. Previously I had heard of escort services and so I decided to give it a try. My first night as an escort in Nairobi was excruciatingly slow and the sex incredibly boring. As the days went by, I realized that escort work was not for me. I could not handle structured sex and fucking on routine was not helping my high-risk libido.

I had to find a way to quench my insatiable sexual desires…

One day, I decided to visit a nightclub where I often hooked up with strangers and as I walked along Koinange Street, I heard a man in a sleek Lexus whistle at me. I walked towards him thinking he had lost direction and that is when he asked; “How much”. To say I was gobsmacked would be an understatement. Granted I was dressed in a skimpy dress with thigh-high boots, being mistaken for a chips funga was something I never thought would happen. The thought in itself turned me on and I thought, ‘why not?’

I slipped into his car and we drove towards a dark alley. He parked his car, pushed his car seat back, released his manhood, and pushed my head down. No preliminaries, no warning. I gave him a blow job as he pulled on my hair. He then flipped me over and placed me roughly on his manhood. The roughness of the situation, the raw feeling of his hard cock deep inside me and the danger involved turned me on so much that before I knew it I was riding him and moaning so loudly. I thought we would get in trouble. That night, I had the best orgasm of my life. when he was through, he gave me a 1000 shillings note gestured for me to get out, and drove off.

My legs were weak and I could hardly walk by the tingling in my body was an indication that this was one of those nights when I crave more and more. I decided to stick around and try my luck once more. That night, I fucked a total of six men and earned a cool 8000 shillings. I left the streets at 4.00 am feeling dirty but strangely fulfilled.

The following night, I found myself on the same street, seeking the thrill of the moment. The anonymity of the sex and the danger involved appeared to be the remedy I required to finally live a normal life in the light of day. I could work tirelessly without feeling the need to jump any man in sight in anticipation of the night ahead. This has given me a sense of normalcy I never thought I would ever enjoy. My life revolves around my nocturnal clients and the mutual satisfaction we both seek in the dark streets of Nairobi city.

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