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My Secret Affair With My Boss
The first thing I noticed about him was the constant mischievous twinkle in his hazel blue eyes. His jaw, strong and square, almost as if God used a chisel to curve to precision, portrayed an air of arrogant masculinity. He would throw his head back each time he laughed with a bellow that seemed to […]
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My college days were unadventurous. I was the prim and proper girl who did nothing worth a second look. Having come from a remote town in Kiambu, I lived by the book, went to class, mass, and came to my dorm room for night studies and fantasies I intensely fought.  I had a few casual […]
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They call us “freaks” the nicer ones refer to us as “kleptos” while others take advantage of our predicament. We are the women who get the “Itch” at every turn. For us, sex is not just sex, it is a necessity.  Once is never enough and the cravings can plague us throughout the day which […]