Enjoy best Exotic Kenya Massage offered by Nairobi Hot escorts

Types of Exotic Kenya massage offered by Nairobi Hot Escorts

At the end of a long, hard day, nothing’s more relaxing than a nice deep-tissue massage that makes you forget all your troubles. However, if you need to release all your pent-up energy and tension and have a happy ending to your day, you might want to take things a step further and get a nice, invigorating erotic massage. Get a sensual, indulgent, relaxing but stimulating exotic Kenya Massage that will help you reconnect and recharge your sexual and emotional intimacy. Nairobi Hot Escorts offer a wide range of erotic massages that will help you relieve anxiety and tension, helping you enjoy life more. This exotic massage will include the following:

1. Nuru Massage

Exotic Kenya MassageNuru massage derives its name from the Japanese word for Slippery. It is one of the best exotic massages you could have. A prerequisite for this massage is that all the parties involved are undressed. Nairobi Hot Escorts and Masseuse will rub odorless oils on your body, gently rubbing them into your skin. What’s more, they will use their entire body to show you the true meaning of pleasure.

2. Foam massage

 Foam massage was popularized in Turkey, but it is quickly spreading in Kenya. It involves using aromatic foams and water to provide you with ultimate sexual pleasure. An alternative however to foam massage is sopa massage. Your clients get in the shower with our sexy escorts and start messing around with soap products. Clients and escorts have to be extra careful since this massage technique quickly evolves into sex. Soap products could damage condoms

3. Lingam massage

Lingam massage is highly centered on Male clients. You will receive a massage of the penis, testicles, perineum, and prostate. Nairobi Hot Escorts are good at following clients’ natural curves to gently awaken their senses. Lingam exotic massage is a perfect tool for incredible foreplay.

4. Yoni Exotic Kenya massage

Exotic Kenya MassageWhile Lingam massage is male-centered, Yoni exotic Kenya massage is typically for Clients with Vaginas. It involves gently rubbing the hips, inner thigh, back, and vulva. Yoni massage is excellent foreplay for avoiding sexual pain and overcoming anorgasmia.

5. Tantra massage

Tantra massage is one of the most popular forms of massage. It is ideal for both self-care and establishing a deeper connection with the clients. Moreover, it involves the art of learning to be in tune with your body and your partners. The end goal is not necessary to reach orgasm however it is a welcome result. But rather Tantra exotic massage will help you enjoy the moment and learn all the intricacies of your partner’s body. Further, Tantra massage can be transformed into Dark Tantra. Meaning you shake things up by introducing BDSM elements.

For maximum satisfaction, clients should approach erotic and exotic Kenya massage with an open mind . Be responsive to your client’s suggestions. For alternative Hookups, we have escorts in Karen, Nakuru, Githunguri, and Gwa-Kairu. You can also enjoy the best quality porn videos by browsing through Africa Porn Blog.