Naughty Confessions of a Nairobi Escort: Johnny In My Mouth

He walks in with a whistle on his lips and a deep laugh reverberating through his throat. His Adam’s apple bobs and weaves, deep and guttural is his voice when he asks, “So BJ ulisema ni 2k?” I nod my head as my pussy creams in anticipation.

He shows up here every Thursday at 3pm. No one knows his name. He is so handsome seeing his beautiful face is almost painful to my eyes. I can’t stop staring. He picked me that first time and all he asked for was some head. I wanted more. So badly. I decided that I’d give it to him so good I’d make him cry and beg for some pussy.

He unzips his fly and my world slows down. His warm manly musk wafts to my nostrils and sends my heart aflutter. My mouth waters. He is already at a semi. I lick the underside of his shaft starting from the balls going slowly up, up, up. I hear him gasp when I get to the underside of the head and lick right there; his sensitive spot. Lightly I move the tip of my tongue around the ridge of the head and then as my saliva starts flowing out of my mouth onto his penis, I suck the entire head into my little, tight, hot mouth.

He grabs my braids and shoves the entire thing down my throat and I gag for the first time that afternoon. Tears come to my eyes and I remember our first time. I couldn’t believe how big he was! Fuck! And so damn thick. Who was this unicorn? Sexy AF, with a big dick and willing to pay me for something I’d do to him in a heartbeat, for free!

He withdraws and shoves his hard length down my throat once more, bringing my focus sharply into the present. As he forces his thick pole in and out of my mouth, I lift the tip of my well-trained tongue to stroke his frenulum as it passes over it. Faster and faster he goes. He’s about to cum. I can tell from the way his cock swells, filling my eager mouth even more and I can’t help but wonder how it would feel moving hard against the walls of my now aching pussy.

I have to make it different this time. I want him to fuck me. I have to make him want me. But how? A nasty little thought occurs to me. When he first came here his instructions were that anything goes as long as it makes his experience of the blowjob better. I had done my best to make him cum every time he came here but I had been reluctant to use the one trick that would in the words of everyone I’d ever done it to, “…made me see god!”

My juicy little finger, already well lubricate by my dripping saliva crept between his thighs, cupping his balls and making him moan loudly and stroke faster. My battered tongue could taste his salty precum and I couldn’t wait for the pay off of my next action. Quick as lightning I parted his buttcheeks and slid my wet finger deep into his ass hole.


Of course, I swallowed.